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Business Growth

Learn how Social Enturpurnurship can aid in gaining financial independence for your Organization. Expand on Mission Goals and Services provided to the greater community. 

Financial Advise

Acess our Cost-Benefit Program Analysis, maximize performance input and output, while reducing overall cost and improving on client services. 

Business Consulting

Consult with our expert consults on SWOT analysis, Logic Modeling, and Policy Analysis. Embark on our educational workshops and training for leadership, management, and staff development, in a safe environment for all organizational personnel. 

Financial Literacy and Case Management services

As Social Service organizations and providers, provide stabilization assistance to disadvantaged persons it is crucial to empower both the staff and clients with the financial literacy tools needed to maintain success, we offer a unique training geared towards understanding credit and homeownership opportunities for lower-income individuals. 

Public Policy Agenda Development and Coaching 

Nonprofit Organizations are on the front lines every day dealing with the impacts of ineffective social policy and the effects it has on the clients in which they serve. Because of this, it is imperative that Non-Profit Organizations take their place in public policy development and analysis and increase advocacy for community civic engagement. We offer a unique Workshop that mobilizes those within your organization and community to organize for your policy agenda that directly affects them and your mission goals. Helping your organization and community to Stand in your Mission.

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